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80 - 89: above average to very good wines
90 - 95: excellent wines
96 - 100: exceptional and outstanding wines
Robert Parker originally started his career as a lawyer. During his studies, he discovered his passion for wines, especially wines from Bordeaux. Since 1978, this passion has developed into one of the most important wine guides in the world. Parker achieved his breakthrough with his decidedly positive review of the 1982 Bordeaux vintage, and quickly his judgment became so relevant that he even influenced the style of the wines, which in many places became increasingly concentrated and opulent in line with his taste. Since 2012, he has increasingly withdrawn from the business of tasting and left the field to competent wine experts selected by him, each specializing in different countries and regions. Stephan Reinhardt has taken over this responsibility for Germany, and Lisa Perrotti-Brown has now taken over this task for Bordeaux after Neal Martin.
From our point of view, the ratings, Robert Parker (Wine Advocate) have a particularly high relevance and helps to understand wines.
 88 - 89: above average to very good wines
90 - 94: excellent wines
95 - 100: exceptional and outstanding wines
Born on September 29, 1958 in Los Angeles, California, James Cameron Suckling is nowadays one of the world's leading wine critics and, what not everyone knows, also a cigar expert and professional cigar tester. His path to wine initially led him through his interest in good food and cooking. The success story of James Suckling and the Wine Spectator finally takes off from this moment. In 1984, he came to Europe for the first time and visited many wineries. In 1985, he opened the European branch of the magazine in Paris. Today, James Suckling lives in Tuscany and is involved in a variety of wine projects, but no longer works for Wine Spectator. The rating scale is based on the common 100-point scale as introduced by Robert Parker.
80 - 89: Above-average to very good wines
90 - 95: excellent wines
96 - 100 : exceptional and outstanding wines
Falstaff has been Austria's best-known and highest-circulation gourmet magazine since 1980 and has been celebrating great success ever since. Since 2010, there has also been a German edition, which is deliberately aimed at connoisseurs and gourmets in Germany. In addition to the reviews published in the "Falstaff Wine Guide" and "Falstaff Red Wine Guide," the publisher also organizes a number of contests. The best-known contest is the "Falstaff Wine Trophy" and the "Sauvignon Blanc Trophy." Falstaff's wine ratings are based on the international 100-point system, ensuring comparability across media and among the individual categories. The multi-member tasting team is made up of experts with both journalism and practical experience and applies generally strict guidelines. The Falstaff Wine Guide features a total of 4,000 wines that have been awarded a full 100 points. In each tasting, special attention is also paid to the vintages.


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