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Müller Thurgau MTX 2022

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The grapes for the Müller Thurgau MTX come from vineyards that are about 60 years old. These are characterized by the parent rock Gföhler Gneis and the extreme altitude.
Very open and approachable on the nose, intense citrus notes and a smoky spiciness. Enormously complex, punchy with a very elegant body, a very invigorating acidity, nice spice and long lasting. Rivaner with a difference. The MTX should be served chilled, fresh from
fresh from the refrigerator. An exceptional and exciting tasting experience. It is ideally suited as an aperitif and is a classic accompaniment to Austrian fish cuisine such as smoked fish sulz or a char tartare. It also perfectly supports Mediterranean dishes such as Branzino in salt crust with rosemary potatoes, Prosciutto with melon or Ricotta Cannelloni. In Asian cuisine, the MTX is a tip to sushi and sashimi, to a vegan Mapo Tofu or Ca Kho To (braised and caramelized fish).

Grape variety: Müller Thurgau

Taste: dry
Alcohol content: 12% vol.
Acidity: 7,6 g/l
Residual sugar: 1,5 g/l
Allergen information: Contains sulfites

Bottler, importer: Domäne Wachau, Dürnstein 107, 3601 Dürnstein, Austria

The winery on the Kellerberg in the Wachau.

Domäne Wachau has developed into one of the most important wineries in Austria with a variety of typical Wachau wines under the management of Roman Horvath MW and Heinz Frischengruber. The small plots on the steep terraces along the Danube are painstakingly cultivated by hand by the winegrowing families, the heroes of the estate. Craftsmanship, sustainability and the unique biodiversity are elementary pillars of the work in the vineyards. Grapes from world-famous vineyards such as Achleiten, Kellerberg and Singerriedel are vinified.

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The Wachau wine region is a renowned wine growing area in Austria that stretches along the Danube River. It is located in the region of Lower Austria and covers an area of about 1,350 hectares. The Wachau is known for its steep terraced vineyards and its poor soils, which give the grapes their characteristic aroma.

The Wachau produces mainly white wines from the grape varieties Grüner Veltliner and Riesling are cultivated. These wines are known for their high quality and varied aromas, ranging from fruity to mineral. Due to the cool climate and the high altitude of the vineyards, the grapes ripen slowly and thus develop an intense aroma.

Another characteristic of the Wachau is its wine terraces and the historic wine villages, which are located in the middle of vineyards. The viticultural culture of the Wachau is of great importance and is carefully cultivated by the winegrowers in the region. The grape harvest here is often done by hand to ensure optimal quality of the grapes.

The Wachau is also a popular tourist destination, as the vineyards and villages provide a picturesque backdrop. Wine tastings and cellar tours are very popular here to taste the wines of the region and learn more about viticulture in the Wachau.


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